About Myself

For ten years, between 1997 and 2007, I worked as Political and Management Assistant at the US Embassy Information Office in Cluj. As a US Embassy employee, one of my major duties was to translate for the US ambassador and other visiting US Embassy/Government officials at official meetings of all types (political, business, economic, cultural, legal, religious, human rights, educational, medical, etc.), at 4th of July parties, official receptions, as well as in a variety of other more or less formal situations.

During these 10 years I also had the privilege to accompany certain US ambassadors on their trips to Transylvania and the Banat and participate in the official meetings and visits, acquiring in this fashion an unparalleled experience as a translator/interpreter in an environment where there was no room for error and where getting the message across accurately and efficiently, in a manner that the interlocutor would easily understand, was paramount.

Before I started working for the US Embassy in 1997, I taught Oral Translation Techniques to Applied Modern Languages undergraduate students at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. I also taught The History of English Literature, and British Culture and Civilization for two years at the Dimitrie Cantemir University in Targu Mures, and, prior to that, I taught British History at the Gheorghe Sincai bilingual High School in Cluj for a year.

I hold a BA in English and Romanian, an MA in British Cultural Studies, and another MA in International Relations.

My favorite pastimes include watching Shakespeare, mountain hiking, traveling (around London, preferably), Star Wars, photography, etc.


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